About Pladdet B.V.

We are a leading manufacturer from The Netherlands, manufacturing and marketing high quality attachments for hydraulic excavator/wheel loader for over 50 years. Pladdet attachments are designed and built for maximum performance and safety.

The acquired experience and knowledge is used from drawing until delivery. Our process starts with 3D design programs such as SolidWorks. This drawing is send to the machines in the workshop and skilled employees will put these parts together to a new product.

Besides standard products we produce tailor-made products that are build exactly to the customers specifications.

Because we can do the whole production process inside our company we can guarantee you a high quality product, meeting your exact wishes.


Kiron Hydraulic Needs Pvt.Ltd.,Mumbai is the authorized distributor of  Pladdet B.V. manufactured and marketed products in India. Pladdet  products shall be supplied by kiron Hydralics Needs Pvt.Ltd. and their authorized dealers. Technical services for Pladdet products shall be provided by Kiron Hydralics Needs Pvt.Ltd.

For more than three decades Kiron Hydraulic Needs Pvt.Ltd., have delivered high quality products and service to a wide spectrum of customers in India. The pan-India set up of sales and service engineering organization helps us to work with our customers in close proximity and coordination to understand their needs and customise & implement solutions accordingly. Our manufacturing set up in Gujarat produces high quality products for Indian and Global customers.

With proven understanding of Indian market and experience of delivering value added services, Kiron Hydraulic Needs Pvt. Ltd is growing the business of many global manufacturers in diverse domains like Pumps, Food Processing Machinery and waste management machines.